Artist Statement: Lindsay Thompson Miller

Art communicates without language.  I haven’t ascribed any specific meaning in my artwork as we naturally see through our own experiences and relate to it in our own unique ways.  There is symbolism in my work although, a lot of it is a personal kind of symbolism, so personal that i am only partially aware of the meaning due to decisions being made subconsciously.

I am interested in memories, specifically childhood memories that, when recalled, can sometimes seem other worldly.  This occurs i think, because the memories get recorded through your perspective at the time, and as a child you haven’t yet learned all the restrictions of this reality, and are able to see things at the same time as you use your imagination.

I am discovering that the imagery I choose alludes to part of a story.  It expresses the idea that something came before and that something will come after. It’s a story that takes place in a distorted reality, because, what is reality other than what we each perceive or remember it to be?  However, the visual contradictions also allow one thing to represent multiple things at the same time.  Female and male, wild and domesticated.

I like to think of the figures in my art as important beings who are keepers of wisdom.   They subtly exude this wisdom in their expressions and body language.

I appreciate how some art can have immediate captivation.  Although i think that my paintings are the kind that you live with and get acquainted to over time.  The kind that talk to you slowly the more time you spend with them.